New Photo Directory

We are making a new church photo directory.  We will compile the directory in-house and printed it at a local printer.  There will also be the option to get the online/mobile directory.

To be included in the directory, please submit information and photo to the parish office or drop in the collection basket by Monday, August 3, 2020.


Parishioners can submit their information and a photo in a few different ways:

1. Print this form & submit it and a physical photo to the parish office.   (If you would like to purchase a physical directory, remember to include $10.)

2.  Print this this form & submit it the parish office. (If you would like to purchase a physical directory, include $10.)  Then, email an individual/family photo to 

3.  Send an email and with the below email submission information (copy  & paste) and a digital photo to (If you would like to purchase a physical directory, send $10 to the parish office. Please, include a note that the money is for a directory for so-and-so person/family.)

Only the information you submit for the directory will be included in the directory.     Only those who have an email in the directory, will be able to get log-in access to the online/mobile directory.

Email Information Submission (copy and paste to below fields to an email message to and fill in the fields)

Parish:  St. Joseph or St. Francis Xavier

Family Name:

Adult Name(s):

Children Names:


Phone #(s):

Email address(es):