Class Make-up Resources

If a student misses more than Religious Education two class, he to make up those lessons (the 3rd, 4th, etc lesson missed).

If a student misses more than four classes, the student and his parent will be contact by Fr. Drees to meet with him.


How to make ups lessons:

For Grades 2nd- 5th

  1. Click here to find out what lessons/chapter was missed.
  2. Obtain a copy of chapter(s) quiz(zes) from your teacher, Kathie Stoehr or Fr. Drees
  3. Check out a textbook from your class.
  4. Go through the chapter. The audio of the lesson can be downloaded the mp3 google drive links below. (The lesson may be in a few mp3 files.)
  5. Complete the Quiz and return it to your teacher, Kathie Stoehr or Fr. Drees

Grade 2 MP3

Grade 3 MP3

Grade 4 MP3

Grade 5 MP3

For Grades 6th-8th

  1. Go to here to find out what lesson was missed.  (8th grade Oct 30th class make up audio is here with the questions the class went through here.)
  2. Questions for any lessons from can be found here2-5 sentence answers for each questions.
  3. Go to  Search Ydisciple.  Click on YDisciple. Find the series and session video.
  4. Watch the video for the lesson on (or listen to Grade 6 mp3 if from 6th grade book)  
  5. Complete and return your answers or quiz (get copy of quiz from teacher) to your teacher, Kathie Stoeher or Fr. Drees.