Welcome to the Roman Catholic Churches of St. Joseph in Taylors Falls, MN and St. Francis Xavier in Shafer, MN.


Donations needed for new GIA Gather Hymnals

Dear Parishioners of St. Joseph & St. Francis Xavier Churches,

The Churches of St. Joseph & St. Francis Xavier is in need of your help and support. After many years of ordering and disposing of Today’s Missals and Music Issues the Parish Councils of your parishes has decided to purchase the GIA Gather Hymnals with the readings included too, which will provide much longer use. We are in need of 400 hymnals for the two parishes and hope to raise the money and purchase the hymnals by September 10, 2014.

Each hymnal is valued at approximately $25, and you can donate towards as many hymnals as you like. Your donation for each hymnal can be dedicated in memory of a loved one or in honor of your family or friends.

Your generosity and commitment to St. Joseph & St. Francis Xavier Churches is vital to our success, and any amount you can give toward the purchase of our new hymnals will be greatly appreciated. Please make your donation out to the church you wish to donate to.

Thank you for considering a donation toward the purchase of our new hymnals. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact the office at 651.465.7345.



Mission Statement

The Catholic Community of St. Joseph/St. Francis Xavier, built on the teachings of Jesus Christ and the values of our founding families, serves as a beacon of hope and refuge for all who seek the Word of God. Inspired by the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, we provide for the spiritual needs of the faithful, and remain dedicated to sharing our resources with one another and those who are in need.

Vision Statement

We see around us throughout the St. Croix Valley the beauty, power and majesty of God’s love for us. The rural traditions of our founding families have formed in us the close ties we have with one another. It is our desire to continue these traditions of stewardship in the Catholic Community of St. Joseph/St. Francis Xavier. When we gather as a community, our prayers are to continue the growth and enthusiasm created by those who have gone before us, and inspire those who are to follow.

As we endeavor to help bring about the Kingdom of God, we are committed to follow the teachings of Jesus and the apostles in an active ministry of:

  • Outreach to the Needy
  • Education
  • Peace
  • Justice
  • Compassion
  • Healing

Adopted by the Strategic Planning Committee, April 6, 2008